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The Way of the Podcaster

From Dreamer to Podcaster!

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Looking for a career edge? Feeling frustrated at your lack of creative expression? How is that going to feel in six months, in five years??? It wasn’t supposed to be like this! You have creative desires, a story to tell the world and day after day your creative spirit is slowly being crushed.

What if there was a discipline, a “Way”, to give you focus, purpose and direction? A creative outlet that delivers transferable skills and personal growth along the way. Would you be interested? Would this light a fire, giving you purpose, meaning and direction? 

That discipline is podcasting.

Application Form Here: https://jmps.au/application-2/

The “Way of the Podcaster” is one of mastery in transferable skills: Public speaking, research, time management, interpersonal communication, writing, storytelling, editing and promotion! 

6 months of group coaching will move you from feeling stuck to speaking in a clear Voice. Hurdles exist but with the right coach these hurdles become steps to success. See yourself speaking with clarity, understanding others and delivering cogent arguments.

The JMPS Group Coaching program runs for 6 months. You’ll have access to a library of modules on the science of podcasting and weekly meetups to develop your artistic vision and storytelling techniques. A dedicated group of fellow travellers, helping one another through the process under my guidance and care. 

I’ve been podcasting since 1 Feb 2016 with 1000s of episodes under the belt. I taught “Podcast Like A Pro!” at the Rozelle Campus of Sydney Community College. I produced “Disability Sunflower Stories” for Kin Advocacy in Perth and have made all the errors and then some. 

Podcasting is a discipline I live. There are stories everywhere once you become attuned to listening for them. 

Application Form Here: https://jmps.au/application-2/

You will be a better person at the end of the six month JMPS Group Coaching program and you’ll have your first 10 episode season up and running, be well into preparation and maybe even recording for your second season. You’ll know all the technical “stuff” you need to know, from mics to editing tools to how to set up your recording space. And you’ll see clearly your artistic vision, your Voice and your communication style.

You’ll be walking “The Way of The Podcaster”. The program runs for six months, $997 (AUD) per  month or with a two month discount if you purchase upfront, that’s a saving of 33.3%. A full thirty day, no questions asked, guaranteed refund is the JMPS policy if you decide the program is not for you.

Apply now!

Application Form Here: https://jmps.au/application-2/